Friday, December 5, 2008


That’s right! The holidays are upon us. All set for Rohatsu, the Japanese observance of the enlightenment of Buddha? I bet you can’t wait to meditate all through the night on the 8th. I know I can’t. Little Jackson has been practicing his buddha position for months.

Later in the month, we will celebrate Jackson’s first Chanukah and Christmas. Although we don’t believe in the Jewish or Christian Mythology, we’ll take part in the festivities just because FUN is FUN no matter which space-god you worship. Shit, I might even light the seven candles of Kwanzaa this year with my good friend Obama. If it means I get to dress my little guy up in another cute outfit and send cards out, why not?!?
P.S. - Is it any surprise that the spell check didn’t recognize Rohatsu?

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