Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Announcement: The Lost Parents Podcast and Blog

Hello Listeners,

It's been a long time. I've been busy with new projects, new shows, and new business.  I'm sure you've been busy too, but my stats say that every now and again there are 90-200 visitors to this site on a random day so I know you miss me.  This is no doubt attributable to blog that went viral in 2008 on the topic of circumcision, entitled, "Just to Be Fair, I'm Circumcised."  Thank you for being so interested in this penis piece! My new venture promises to bring you even more tasteful penis discussions.

While the Daddy Experience was an amazing launching pad for my writing, it was only the beginning. My wife, Nicole and I have combined our talents and skills and efforts to create the comedy podcast and blog, www.TheLostParents.com. We will discuss specific issues that we are facing regarding parenting, business ownership, and life from the perspective of parents who took off from home to move 3000 miles away, quit jobs, have more kids, and find a way to survive. And there will be penis. At least one more. And he's a boy. And he won't be circumcised.