About The Daddy

I'm Tommy Galan.  

I'm a Daddy.  

I work from home.  

More and more my "work" is called Jackson Galan (5) and Ellis Galan (1).  

I'm married to an amazing woman who happens to be an exceptional mother and a very talented nurse.  

Years ago, Nicole supported me in my decision to quit law to pursue comedy.

Recently, I returned the support of her dream of moving to a paradise location, which turned out to be San Diego.  (I completely admit that it was VERY easy to support this dream because of all the paradise stuff, though terribly hard to leave family and friends.) Nicole took a full time job and I'm a comedian and stay at home dad.  This blog is one of my platforms; a twisted memoir for my kids, and a glimpse into the house of a clown dad who improvises parenthood one moment at a time.


We had a Baby! I'm no longer a Stay-at-Home Dad. My Rain Gutter Cleaning Business exploded and Nicole's freelance writing career took off, and we've both been self employed, with three kids for the last two years. Comedy continues...

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