Monday, October 23, 2017

Galans of Updates

Ridding my life of social media comes with the consequence of throwing out the baby with the bathwater. All of the positives of social media must be sacrificed to accommodate the benefits of burning social media to the ground. Some family and friends are still interested in seeing my children grow and there are plenty of fans of my San Diego performance career that would like to know my schedule and thoughts on improv and clowning. That being the case, I will use The Daddy Experience Blog once again to post updates and pictures and thoughts that probably would have found their way onto social media, without subjecting myself to the cesspool of negativity that repelled me.

New Car

We bought a new car this past weekend! I hate buying cars, but I love driving away with a new car. This weekend’s purchase wasn’t exactly a new car, but it was so close. We used a website called True Car, which filtered cars down to the price, year, make, model, mileage and location, which resulted in a 2016 Dodge Grand Caravan with 32000 miles for $15,999 just about 25minutes from us. It was the first car we looked at, and we bought it. This means we are idiots, but even idiots can luck out sometimes. It has a little wear and tear, needs floor mats and a second key and a roof rack, but for $10,000 in savings, it made sense.

Used car salesman are just about as proud to represent their stereotypes as are DMV employees. It is almost like they’re found in central casting and only playing the roles of salesperson. He gave us a hard sell, but I figured, how bad can a 2016 with 32000 miles be? I guess I’ll find out. Either way, it was a necessity. The kids are getting bigger, and in 2018 we are doing a mega-trip from July 1-31 to Vegas, Salt Lake City, Yellowstone, and the 5 Utah national parks. It should be extremely fun or a valid reason to have us checked by psychiatrists.

Oh yeah, we also had a baby last year. Another boy…Hunter. He is a real sweet heart, but he sleeps in my bed and for the last year I’ve been relegated to the couch. Kind of a dick move, but I love him anyway. Enough updates for now…more to come.

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