Monday, June 11, 2012

Back On The Roof!

With Baby "X" on the way in just about two months, it is hustle season!  

Yesterday, I jumped back on the roof with Louie (step-dad) who know the trials and tribulations of being a dad.  He is absolutely awesome and has always found the time to section off parts of his side work for me to swing a hammer and make a few extra bucks.  

Roofing is actually a lot of back-breaking fun.  It is a nice switch from a day of mental labor to a day of physical.  It shows you what the body is capable of, and how strong you really are.  Most importantly, it pulls in a few more dollars, and reminds you that you will do anything for your family.  

I'm so happy to be back on the roof in my off-time, and it looks like I will be pulling out the Ol' 32-Foot Extension Ladder more and more as we move forward with parenthood!

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