Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Wow, I can’t believe anyone reads this blog.  In fact, I’m convinced that I’m the shittiest blog poster in the world.  It’s been a full 2-months since I’ve posted and still there are 2-6 people checking out this blog on a daily basis.  It makes me wonder how many would read it if I posted regularly.  At this rate, I might be able to soar these numbers up into the low teens with minimal effort.  Then I would really be a success.

Quick Catch-Up:  Ellis is 2-months old.  He is about 12.5 pounds.  A tit-sucking monster indeed!  For some perspective, Jack was 12 pounds when he was 4-months.  After Ellis was born we found out that he was both tongue-tied and had a hole in his heart.  The hole closed and they clipped his tongue with no complications.  He is beautiful.  Jack is awesome.  They get along splendidly and Ellis lights up every time he hears Jack’s voice or sees his face.  Jack is doing excellent in school and receives what seems to be a new accolade each day.  Both boys are healthy and happy and that is all we can ask for. 

Interestingly, when you are blessed with kids who are happy and healthy, your focus becomes very self-centered.  “I want to perform comedy more, I want to write more, and I want to be more successful.”  These thoughts run through my selfish head constantly, and there never seems to be enough time.  Even when there is, I’m exhausted.  I can literally fall asleep in the middle of walking. 

Man, I’m an asshole.  2 beautiful healthy children, a wife who loves me even though I’m a complete pain in the ass, a wonderfully affordable home, and I whine about wanting more stage time to be a jackass.  It’s not like I don’t get a chance.  I’m on stage almost every week.  Ultimately, I think it comes down to the definition of “success.”  Is success a happy and healthy family?  Is it doing what you love?  Recognition for a job well done?  A couple of weeks ago, I started writing a book about success…I only wrote 4 pages.  Fail.

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