Monday, August 4, 2008

Boat Basin Sundays

There is a haven on the Upper West Side of Manhattan called the West 79th Street Boat Basin Café a/k/a Boat Basin. Every Sunday this oasis amidst the hustle and bustle of New York City takes on special meaning to the friends and family of the comedy troupe FUCT.

The Boat Basin is home to a huge outdoor/indoor deck and café overlooking the Hudson River. Many Sundays ago, Mr. Jon Crane, writer and cast member of FUCT experienced the serene sunset view, and the amazing glory of warm summer breezes carrying the ocean air. It was then that he christened the weekly event, Boat Basin Sundays.

Yesterday was my first official Boat Basin Sunday with my beautiful wife, and my party animal baby, Jackson. We arrived later than the beginning time as sanctioned by Mr. Crane, but early enough to have plenty of hours of daylight as the sun slowly fell. We took our place on the wall where people wait for a seat in the café, never actually requesting a table. At Boat Basin Sunday, we wait only for the sinking sun and the next drink; never for a seat in the actual café.

I drank Coronas with lime, as Nicole sipped her Mango Mai Tai and Frozon Electric Blue Lemonade in the perfectly sunny, 76 degree weather as it is every Boat Basin Sunday despite the climate experienced by the rest of the city. Jackson was a total angel, with only minor fussing here and there. Afterward, we made the ceremonial trek to our Boat Basin family dinner at Brother Jimmy’s, where my vegetarian diet took a temporary hiatus for an all you can eat rib, and all you can drink beer fest.

We made it home around 11ish, and Jackson had his dinner, which lasted until slightly after twelve. He then slept until 5:45am, waking for a short nip sip, and then back to sleep until 8:45am. Last night was the first night in 7 weeks that I woke up to pee more often then Jackson. It must have been the magic of the salty breeze, a relaxing sunset, and the Boat Basin Sunday family and friends.

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