Monday, July 26, 2010

Wait! I Thought You Were a Lawyer?

OK, so I’ve been getting this question a lot lately because for the last decade, I kept the different parts of my life separate. In the legal world, I was Tom Galan the young entrepreneurial attorney who represented doctors and sued insurance companies, while my doppelganger Tommy Galan did shots of Jack Daniels and took the stage in midnight performances at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater and Caroline’s on Broadway.

Interestingly enough, ten years ago, it was quite the opposite. No one believed that Tommy Galan could accomplish law school and then crush the New York State bar exam on the first shot, and Tom Galan was my intelligence just aching for some recognition.

This year, the schizophrenia of my mind has all comes together. Maybe it is because I was born in ’77, I’m 33, and it’s 2010. On April 1st (coincidence?) I merged my law firm with another lawyer who now runs the day-to-day operations, freeing up my time to focus on what truly matters in my life. My days are spent as a Stay-At Home Dad, developing material at every turn. At night, I study and teach improv at The Peoples Improv Theater in NYC (see for more info), and I perform and write as much as I can, whenever I can.

So, who is Tommy Galan? A Father and Comedian who happens to have a law degree from another life.

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Joe said...

Sounds familiar. Except for the whole father thing.