Thursday, April 12, 2012

Florida Keys Day 1

Our flight took off at 6:05am, so we woke up at 3:45am.  American Airlines charges per undergarment checked, so like refugees seeking warmer days, we carried everything with us on our backs.  When we arrived, the woman at the Dollar Rent A Car counter told me she knew nothing about the car insurance that I purchased on their website.  She even had a swivel computer where she could turn the screen around to prove that I was wrong and an idiot.  She didn't realize that I too have a computer and while mine isn't on a cool swivel, it is small enough to fit in my pocket.  I took out the email and showed her the confirmation.  She explained that it was insurance from an outside company and if anything happened I would have to submit claims to a different company.  I wound up wasting time canceling one insurance and taking the Dollar Rent A Car "ROCK SOLID-DON'T-CHU-WORRY-'BOUT-A-THANG" Insurance.  To make sure I get the full value of my insurance, I'm going to return the car through the revolving door that leads to the Dollar counter.

We drove to the hotel...I mean Motel...I mean where people die in movies.  It really isn't so bad except for what Nicole has deemed "The Creepiest Door in the World."  It really isn't that bad.  We just have to beat off the Chernobyl Creature who lives behind the door, and that only happens once an hour.

In the afternoon, we went to lunch, the pool, then dinner...Super Simple, Super Relaxing.  We were all in bed by 9pm.  We have two full size beds and Jack didn't want to sleep alone.  I cuddled with him in his bed until he fell asleep, but then I fell asleep and woke up around 4am.  Sometime between 9pm and 4am Jack transformed from a 32 pound, 3 foot boy to a 300 pound, 7 foot man and there was no room at all.  I looked at my other option; sleeping in bed with my 5 month pregnant wife....let's just say the Chernobyl Creature prefers to be the big spoon.

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