Thursday, September 5, 2013

Perspective...A post for me

It hasn’t rained since May (in San Diego) and my housing dilemma is working itself out.  We might be homeowners within a month!  Our student loans are completely paid off.  We bought a new car.  The dog’s vagina healed wonderfully…but she has a UTI again…within 3-months…and I’m feeling a little lost, unproductive…and downright useless.

Look, it can’t all be peaches and cream (mmmmmmm….creeeeam…*drool*).  Some things are great; extremely fantastic especially when compared to mothers and children gasping for air.  Some things suck.  The things that suck are mostly in my head, which means I need a) a lobotomy, b) a 24-hour marijuana vapor hook up, c) perspective.

The answer is clearly “C.” (with maybe just a little bit of “B”).  I want to perform more.  I want to write more.  I want to make some more money doing the things that I love and support Nicole to do the same.  All of this is within reach, and I just have to deal with the little hands and arms pulling on me as I   r e a c h…   But, again, those little arms are healthy and my house is filled with love, and the world if a fucking nightmare, so I have to realize that here in our little oasis in southern California, we are super lucky.

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