Monday, July 21, 2008


My wife and I are constantly blown away by the generosity of the family, friends, acquaintances and strangers in our life. Another gift arrived in the mail today. It was a package from an old school buddy whom I haven’t seen in years. Last week we received about five outfits from the family of a classmate of my little sister who is twelve. We have never even met this family. All in all, we simply have more clothing then Jackson could possibly wear.

This past Friday, on the cusp of week 5, we stumbled upon the the first outfit that didn’t fit. The incredibly expanding boy has already outgrown a pair of pajamas, and the kicker is, he never wore them. At this rate, we have so many onesies, shorts, pants, and shirts that we won’t need to buy this kid clothes until he is fifteen.

I’m certainly not complaining, but it seems a little unfair. I sometimes wonder if Jackson would cry so uncontrollably if his little brain could conceptualize the fortune of his life. Children all over the world lack basic necessities like shelter and clothing; many starve and sadly, many die. Jackson on the other hand drives my wife to tears, as he happily gulps away at her sore milk factories, never realizing that he has been given so much already. We’ll just have to take advantage of the opportunity to use this against him in the future in the form of guilt.

As far as our social and environmental responsibility, we decided to pass down Jackson’s baby clothes to his future sibling. And if our next child is a girl, we are just going to have to dress her in “Daddy’s Little Man” clothes, and raise her gay.

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Lindsay Newitter, AmSAT-Certified Alexander Technique Teacher said...

Hey, if we time it right, if your next child is a girl and Paul and I have a boy, then we could just swap clothes.