Monday, April 30, 2012

Everything's OK

I’ve been absent for a few days…OK more than a week or so.  It’s because I was away on vacation…OK having a nervous breakdown.  My Mom would tell me “Oh Tommy stop being so dramatic” and she is probably right.  You see having one child was stressful.  I was sure my life would change dramatically.  It did in some ways, but for the most part I was able to maintain the status quo.  But two?  (I’m actually starting to sweat right now as I’m typing).

Florida was a nice escape, and while I was there I daydreamed about giving up the hustle and bustle of New York life and moving to a tropical paradise, as if through photosynthesis I could convert sunshine into cash.  I even looked into jobs that I would never in a million years take if I were in New York, and for what?  To be miserable in a beautiful place?

When I returned, I realized that the only option I have is to follow through with my life here.  Follow my passion.  Push forward and everything will be OK.  The best part of everything being “OK” is that you can very easily change the definition of “OK.”  Beans and rice will keep us alive, so we are OK.  Retirement will take place in a coffin, OK.  My children will grow up with a Dad who is a happy and funny whatever I am (comic, writer, performer), rather than an absent and angry lawyer, and that is certainly OK.  I don’t remember how much money my parents made…just how much time we got to spend together.  We’ll figure it out.

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Rochelle said...


I agree, a happy, present dad is the best gift a kid can get!