Monday, June 10, 2013

Improv is Family

On Friday, I was invited to the lease signing party for San Diego’s Finest City Improv.  At the end of August they will launch a new era of long-form improv in San Diego, and I’m thrilled to collaborate and partner with this fantastic group of artists.  At the beginning of the party, I knew only about 2 or 3 guests, but at the end I met everyone and the connection was immediate. They opened up to me as though we were long distance relatives who just hadn’t yet met.  A family, with the last name “improv.”  Very excited that my adventure has crossed paths with FCI’s path, and I’m looking forward to the next chapter…

(For my performer/improviser/comedian friends: You will have a home and a stage here with warm, welcoming, and talented players.  Follow on Facebook, make sure to venture a bit further south when you visit the west coast, and let’s play and make San Diego laugh!  Love and miss you all!!!) 

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