Thursday, June 6, 2013


I need your advice…
This Child Will Not Swim Again w/o Your Help

I’m a pacifist.  There is a classic beach story about my brother and me.  I was playing with my toys and an older boy came over to play.  He quickly took my toys as his own and left.  While I tried to negotiate a fair “let’s play together” deal, my younger, 3-year-old brother, Joey confronted the bully, punched him in the gut, and took back the booty.

This afternoon, I received an email for the property manager of my condo.  The sum and substance was “go fuck yourself.”  It all starts with Trulia.  In February, we started looking for places to live and Nicole stumbled across our apartment in Rancho Bernardo.  Right price, right schools, right size, price, pool, tennis courts, golf course view, and safe and clean. 

When we arrived, we dealt with a laundry list of headaches (Vaginaplasty and Frozen Yogurt).  Part of the headaches was a failure to provide the passes to the pool and tennis courts.  Finally, after 3 weeks, we got out passes.  Earlier this week, while entering the pool, we were informed by a club employee that our membership was only unlimited for the first 3 month, and that moving forward we only have 6-pool passes, or we have to pay an additional $130 for the year.  The landlord decided to not pay the pool bill in full, which gives up only basic access, which is -passes per year.  I know that $130 isn’t that much for a year, but the principle of renting an apartment with a “pool” to just find out later that it is “3-months of pool and 6-pool passes for the next 9 months” seemed a bit deceptive.

So, I got in touch with the property manager, and he got in touch with the owner, and the owner gave the property manager a message, and the message was passed to me…”go fuck yourself”

Like that day on the beach, I need your pseudo little brother assistance.  Please let me know how you would handle this…small claims? Suck it up? Complain about every little detail in the apartment?  Cry?  Please let me know, because while I’ve sent some strongly worded emails, I’m not set on the next move.

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